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The Whizz, improves the management of respiratory conditions by increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data to augment the assessment of treatment outcomes.

The Whizz spacer helps deliver medication effectively to patients, paired to a mobile application that has multiple features to track and encourage compliance through gamification as well as manage treatment regimen.

The Whizz Spacer

Improves asthma control by

Reinforce correct technique, everytime

LED indicators provide immediate positive feedback on correct inhalation. Each inhalation breath will be measured and indicated on the LED panel. LEDs will light up green showing when the inhalation rate is within the optimal range for drugs to be deposited into the lungs. A reading outside this range will be displayed in red, indicating when oropharyngeal deposition occurs. This allows the patient to immediately self-correct in the next inhalation.

This feedback feature can also be used as a training tool to practice correct technique before taking the medication.

Encourages compliance, everyday

Daily reminder and alert

This function simplifies the treatment regimen of having to take medications twice a day for an extended period of time. Reminders will be sent to the mobile phone at pre-selected intervals, to trigger administration of medication to the patient.


The Mobile app also automatically summarizes events, specifically compliance and technique data as well as occurrences of symptoms and triggers, that can be shared with doctors. By having access to accurate and objective data, doctors will be able to track progress and identify sub optimal compliance and technique, thus able to optimize treatment dosage and improve quality of care.

This also reduces the hassle that patients currently face by having to manually record these event into a log book.

Rewards system

Rewards system to incentivize children to take medication accurately and consistently.

The child friendly mobile application motivates children to play an active role in their medication regimen. The application automatically tracks the progress against goals and provides proof of achievement. Parents and children can customize rewards and level of difficulty.

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